Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Why I can't STAND Oprah...(well, one of the reasons anyway)

Not only is circumcision a cosmetic surgery forcibly performed on some new born baby boys, it's also now being used to help aging adults look younger. Even Oprah is singing it's praises. She smears on baby foreskin before bed...

Thankfully, more and more parents of baby boys are wising up and realizing that circumcision is NOT medically necessary.

Father's that opt for the procedure say they want their sons to 'match' their father. I'm sorry, are men walking around without pants, parading matching penises with their sons?? Who is going to know if you match? And what's more, WHO CARES!!!

It is in fact unhealthy to remove the all important foreskin. The smegma created between the foreskin and the head contains, just like the vagina, beneficial bacteria to stave off infection. It keeps the penis clean and healthy, unlike a newly circumcised boy who has on going infections and aditional procedures to 'fix' the first one. Mothers Against Circumsicion

Many, and I mean many, newborn boys have to undergo repeated procedures to correct the first circumcision that did not 'get it all' or 'got too much'. Have you ever seen a circumcision done? It is pure hell for this new child. Parents are told that they will be fine, which is a lie. If you really and truly want your son to undergo this procedure, go with him. Watch them strap his arms and legs down, clamp down on his penis. He is only hours old, sometimes less. I'm sure this is a wonderful way to welcome in the next generation of men. Circumsicion is Painful...and done with no to little anesthesia

Not only that, both women and men suffer from decreased sexual pleasure in adulthood due to the removal of the foreskin. Great Sex the Way Nature Intended

Some people are persistent that, later in life, the boy will want to chop off the tip of their penis to match all the other boys in the locker room and that going through the procedure later in life is much worse than getting it done and over with as a baby. Which is Worse -- Adult or Infant Circumcision?

It's so much easier to take care of when your baby boy is intact. Most baby boys are leaving the hospitals intact nowadays since more and more parents are educating themselves prior to the question pops up while mom is in labor. "Chop or not to Chop?" Talk about 'informed consent'... another blog, another time.