Friday, October 24, 2008

And All That Jazz...!

There's nothing like a good movie to remind you of past dreams - ok, current dreams - however, dreams that probably will never materialize. I say probably with emphasis here because, and I quote myself, if I really want something, have the passion for it, I can make anything happen.

That is, anything within reason.

So what's my dream, you ask? To dance on Broadway. Oh, yeah. No small ticket here. I started dancing when I was 5 and haven't stopped yet. You should ask my kids. They endure mom stepping it up and singing at the top of her lungs every chance she gets. Why? I love to sing and dance. LOVE IT. I don't use that word often when it comes to "things" (other than good food, but that's questionable whether food is a "thing"'s more like a necessity, and therefore...oh, never mind).

So back to Broadway. I did get close. Oh, yeah, I did. I had my one chance that my simple teenage mind could scheme up and I went for it. Trouble is, the New York Rockets have a height requirement: You must be 5'6". I'm 5'3"...5'4" on a good day. So needless to say, I fell short on that score.

I went on to dance in the All County Dance Ensemble and in college, both big and small...however, the more life and all it's charm entered into the picture, the more and more dancing took a backseat.

However, I've never given up on the dream. I choreograph constantly when I hear music, feel a big number comin' on, and periodically chance to dream again. Will I ever get another opportunity to audition? To dance and sing in the spot light? Maybe. There are plenty of local community based spots around here and one of these days I'll get my chance.

Until then, I'll just keep my tap routines to the kitchen, the big dances to the living room, and my critics safely tucked into bed. Nighty, night. Sweet dreams.