Monday, November 3, 2008

I'm Not Voting! Are You?

I'll make this short since I'm not heavy into politics nor wish to be. There is too much bull shit and I can't stand the fumes. At least when you compost bull shit you get black gold. Something good for the Earth. Good for gardening. Good for everyone! But this, this Politics thing? No good comes from Politics.

My argument for not voting? Out of a country of how many people, we have a choice of 2 people to choose from. Two! To me, that doesn't really seem like a choice by any stretch of the imagination. There are in fact 6 presidential candidates running on the ballot, however non of them were on the debates, had commercials, or are even known to anyone who doesn't purposely seek them out online. Did you know that there is an African-American Woman running for president? Where are her headlines? Doesn't she, along with all of the hopefuls, deserve the front row spot lights of the media?

I feel as if my choice has already been made for me. The powers that be don't really care who wins tomorrow. Obama. McCain. They are both the same. They are, trust me. They have the same type of people behind them. How else would they be able to afford the spot light? They are both politicians with people in their pockets...and they in someone else's pocket.

And history will repeat itself. Whomever wins will offer such dreams and possibilities to the American people only to cause more economic woes, national debt sufferings, and war casualties. We've all been fooled before. The only question is, who will be fooling us this time?

So, as of today, I am not voting.

I'm not voting for Obama.
I'm not voting for McCain.

Therefore, according to the powers that be, I'm not voting. But I will VOTE.

I am going to cast my vote tomorrow. However, since I'm not voting for the two hopefuls, the two leaders, my vote will actually not count towards anything other than making one of the candidates loose. You can take your pick as to which one I'm helping with my non-vote. I don't intend my non-vote to help either one. Burned by politics, I don't believe that either candidate will keep his word. They are both owned by big business and big money. It doesn't matter what kind of biz or $, it's all the same. Power. Money. Greed. That is the way of the United States government. And that's why I'm not voting for their pick tomorrow.