Monday, February 16, 2009

Take A Break

Between writing "THE END" and printing out my 1st draft, I am using Steven King's advice: take a break so you can come back to it fresh.

And I think this sort of advice can hold true in so many aspects of our lives. If something is dragging you down, isn't working, taking forever (hint, hint) - take a break!

So, in the meantime, I am reading: something I can't do while I'm writing (or I'll absorb the other author's voice and then my writing will sound like her's).

I've taken 2 weeks off so far... And it's been wonderful! I have such a pile up of books to read, but I know this break won't last long. All I can think about are the edits that I can't wait to make...yeah, that's right - I said it. I love to edit. You heard me say it, so when, in months to come, I blog about hating it you can point me back to the post! :)

So, take a break everyone....take a week off...a day...a month...come back to it fresh. With new eyes and a renewed spirit, even the impossible may not seem so daunting anymore.