Sunday, March 29, 2009

Drawing Nipples on Barbie

Ok, so my two year old daughter was given a barbie. I already have qualms about her having barbies period, let alone at such an early age! But I digress... She has the doll, loves it, plays with it often, however, she is perplexed about Barbie's milkies (this is what we call them as they produce milk...hence, they are Milkies...another blog, another time...)

Getting back to my initial point, I'm just as perplexed as my daughter. Barbie has a pair of panties 'drawn' on, however no bra. So that would make one assume that her breasts are bare. So, my two year old's question is obvious: where are her nipples?

My daughter is smart. She knows what a woman's breasts are designed for: the making and distribution of milk to her child. Therefore, this doll's body - that has left very little to the imagination (aka, her curves, her disproportionate breasts) - begs the question: where are her nipples?

Yes,'s a toy. I know. There are tons of toys all over the place and none of them are accurate (planes are missing landing gear, cars don't have engines, some dolls don't even have noses, let alone nipples.)

HOWEVER, and here may lie the real question: what is wrong with children learning anything real about their bodies? If Barbie is going to have a va va voom woman's body, then she should either:

  • a) have a bra 'drawn' on like her panties, or
  • b) have nipples on her exposed breasts
And why not? She has the breasts! If the makers are going to go as far as to give her them, then why not complete the anatomy lesson.

Honestly, I would have preferred my two year old daughter to be given Amamanta Dolls which are not only anatomically correct, they are also available multiculturally and offer an educational opportunity, especially when trying to explain the differences between good and bad touches...

So, outside of getting her an Amamanta Doll set for her upcoming third Birthday, I still have to decide if I'm going to fix Barbie's boobies.I mean, what's wrong with nipples and children learning that they have a purpose?

You know what I think? I think there is a real reason for no nipples on Barbie...

So kids grow into adults who think boobs are only for one thing, and one thing

Only, sex isn't the only use for nipples, and THAT, my friend - no matter how hard you argue or complain or cry or yell or waffle - is the God's honest truth.

To draw or not to draw...

What do you think I should do?