Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Joy of Coming Out of the Closet...

Back when I was in the closet, secretly writing behind closed doors, I would never dare let anyone in on my daydreams. I thought you couldn't call yourself a real writer without having had published something in print so that people could purchase it at Borders or on

However, and thankfully so, it is not true. Like a good writer buddy of mine has penned, "A writer does not suddenly become a writer the day his book is published. That happens the first time pen is put to paper and something is created on the page."

Yet, the moment you revile yourself to the world as a writer, standing tall, standing proud, you almost instantly are bombarded with others who thought just as you did. Don't let this cause you to slink back in your hole. You're out now! You're free! And you're freaking out!!!

You need back up.
Someone who thinks like you and works like you and is on the verge of going back into their own closet.

You need a writer buddy.
Or many writer buddies! Not only is there stregnth in numbers, there is a lot to learn from each other. I found many of my writer buddies online at Motheringdotcomune's Mothers Writer Group. There we share what we've written, help critique eachother's work, give a little push here, a hug there, and just share in the joy in writing...or the craziness that comes from it!

I also have a few family writer buddies who were instrumental in pulling me out of my writer's closet. And thankfully so. I couldn't imagine what I'd be doing with all my pent up creative juices if I wasn't working on my novel or blogging... Trying my hand at music theater again? I've always dreamed of dancing on Broadway... And I do love to paint, however with the economy the way it is, most people are trying to make ends meet rather than paying for creative touches to their homes.

With two little ones in tow, writing seems to be a much easier dream to realize. And it's such a joy to have the company of other moms trying to accomplish the same task: write...oh, and keep sane, cook dinner, clean the house, shuttle kids to and from places, keep sane, write, keep hubby happy, stay sane, clean house, write, clean the bathroom floor for the 3rd time this week, do laundry, stay sane...write...