Thursday, April 2, 2009

Be Green & Save Green: LiveGreen's Spring Savings :)

50% at LiveGreen?!?! That's like free music to my frugal ears... ;)

The Multipurpose Bag
My most favorite eco-friendly shopping bags are on sale - I'm stocking up, and why not? Everyone deserves a good supply of durable reusable bags. And, since these bags have a wonderful green message on the front, I enjoy using them multipurposely: as a diaper bag, an overnight bag for the kids going to Grandma's, the all useful library bag, perfect for the Farmer's Market...and of course for food shopping too. And whenever I go to the big box stores, it's so much easier and continent for me to use a slew of these bags to transfer goods home rather in the myriad of cardboard boxes they provide.

Doubles As Gift Wrap
LiveGreen also carries an eco-friendly wine tote. It's so much nicer to use this when leaving the wine store than carrying home that paper wino-bag. Also, what I love to do with these bags is to use it as gift wrapping. Housewarmings, holiday parties. I purchase some good ol'local organic wine and put them in a wine tote that the host can keep and use!

Perfect Companion
LiveGreen's reusable produce bags are essential for going to the Farmer's Market and the grocery store. I don't have to bring home wonder fruit and veggies wrapped in plastic bags that'll clog up my fridge, recycle bin, or (dread) the landfill. These bags have endless uses, are reusable, and your food finds won't suffocate and go bad quickly. What's more, you're fridge, if you decide to leave your food in the bags, won't be filled with plastic wrap. These bags come in yellow and orange - I love festive colors ;)

I Love My SKOYs!
And last, but not least, is the Skoy - the eco-friendly cloth. My family uses the heck out of these invinsable cloths and they just keep on...working! Made from biodegradable material, this 7"x8" cloth will biodegrade in 5 weeks under composting conditions and is washer/dryer safe. We put ours in the washing machine AND the dishwasher whenever they need to be cleaned and none of them have started to breakdown in the year that we've had them.

Ok, going to go fold laundry now...had to pass on the sale info...happy spring savings! :)