Monday, April 6, 2009

New Month, New Goals

Ok, I've dilly dallied long enough! Although I completed the first draft of the novel and gone through and done a first round of edits, I have yet to put them into the computer. Slacker that I am, I've been spending way too much time on facebook and!

I did, however, solidify chapter one and I am excited about it! Instead of starting at the beginning and going all the way through to the end, I've decided that instead my MC (main character) is going to start at the beginning of her new journey - her quest - and right before she boards the plane she thinks back to the initial journey of the last year that has brought her to this point in life - the full circle. I'm still working on the past/present tense if anyone is good with!!! month, new goals (and I'll post them here so I'm guilted into doing it on time!)

April Writing Goals:
  1. fix POV change
    I initially wrote them in third person but, having written the rest of the book in first person POV, can see that the 1st person POV is so much better for this book. It's a personal story. Has to come from the horses mouth...

  2. solidify chapters 1-5
    I have chapter 1 solidified, so I think this will be an easy one for me...however I'm also spring cleaning, planning out my spring garden, AND painting a baby's room...I might be aiming too high. But if I aim for 5 and only get 3 done, it will be better than aiming for 3 and only getting 1 done...KWIM? ;)

  3. Let someone read it!
    Oh, the horror! I've let some of my online writer buddies read my fixed chapter one and it was very well received! So happy about that - AND they want to read chapter two! So that is promising. I must have done something right ;) friends are just that: online. I need to let someone read it that sees me often and that I can get actual feedback from: body language, eyerolls...that sort of thing. Then I'll know if my rave reviews were the real thing or just online fluff. (I was told that my grammar sucks and that I'm too in love with commas, so I'm thinking the nice words were just as sincere ;) However, if my mom reads it, I'll be sure to know the truth!
So, those are my goals for the month! Can't go back now. Doesn't seem like a whole lot to do, so I am going to stay positive and press on...oh, and stop going to my online social clubs first! I think that'll be the hardest to do since I've been stuck indoors all winter long and, well, I've got a bit hooked with yacking it up online with my fellow peeps ;)