Tuesday, April 28, 2009

No More Emotional Stalling...Time To Move On! :)

I'm so excited to report that, starting today, I'm starting to edit chapter three! Phew!

I always knew chapter two was going to bite my ass...

Editing chapter one was a piece of cake. I changed the tenses, fixed the POV and DONE! It was only a few days going...

Then came chapter two...this is where my MC finds something from her past that jolts her awake, leaving her with a choice: keep on keepin' on, or mix things up!

Yes, the POV had to be changed...the past tenses fixed. But it wasn't a grammatical stalling that kept me from editing chapter two, or keeping me from wanting to edit chapter two. It was totally emotional. Remember, this novel is a Roman e Clef. This is MY story.

And there are some hard parts to relive...

When I started this little (now big) venture, I didn't think ahead at all the time I'd spend opening old wounds, rehashing, and reliving things that I'd rather not have a second go around with... Least to say, it's been a very painful yet cathartic journey. I just hope it all translates into the wonderful book that I feel it is becoming!

And I've been letting blogging about nothing in particular, chatting away on facebook, and dreaming about my soon-to-be garden get in the way...But it's editing for crying out loud!

Is there anyone out there that really enjoys this part?!