Monday, April 20, 2009

Paint it Green! :)

Back in 2005 I started a venture: beGreenDesigns, a custom painting business...

Well, actually, it wasn't all that green to begin with. I - nor did the majority of the us - know all the harmful effects that VOC's (volatile organic compounds) did to us or the environment (they cause your indoor air quality to be worse than the most polluted outdoor air!) However, while painting two years later - and unknowingly pregnant - I started to feel their effects and thought to ask my brother if there were any harmful effects of being in close contact with all these chemicals.

Ah, yeah! Duh!...

Not only were they carcinogenic and I was in close contact with these chemicals for hours on end day after day, I was also putting my clients in danger of breathing in these harmful fumes for years! (the darker the pigment, the longer the off-gassing...)

He thankfully pointed me in a greener direction, showing me the multitude of green paints and supplies that were out in eco-land. I was already an eco-woman at heart. I just didn't know - or think about - the harmful effects of something deemed benign - household paint!

Thus I created beGreendesigns - eco-friendly, non-toxic custom painting by yours truly :)

So... (here comes the shameless self-promoting plug) if you're in the neighborhood of needing some custom painting, give me a ring! I always handout free estimates...and I'll toss in a discount to all my blog readers as well...why not ;)