Friday, April 24, 2009

What do you do in YOUR bed?

Flex came out with a new mattress ad today that features one of life's most important miracles: the birth of a child. This Spanish company totes your bed as being "el lugar más importante del mundo" - the most important place in the world.

Seeing how everything wonderful in life can happen in bed - from sleep to conception to birth - its easy to see how they came up with the beautifully coined phrase.

Too bad we live in a country that would rather make money off of having us live in fear of this wonderful life experience - implanting a picture in our minds of birth as being unbearable pain, needles, drugs, screaming, and worse.

Wouldn't it be out of this world to see this ad on TV her in the US? We are in dire need of a come back to more human ways of going about experiencing life. How much healthier a nation would we be if our next generations were born into calm peacefulness of a loving embrace, rather than bright sterile lights, strange hands poking and prodding...