Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Not exactly the swine flu, but...

I've taken a bit of a break from blogging this past week due to my darling daughters mysterious all-of-a-sudden illness. She's back to her normal bouncy healthy self now, thankfully! But for a moment there I was actually scared!

Bright and early last Friday morning she woke me up saying that her belly hurt. Now this is not an out of the ordinary occurrence. Both she and my son wake up with this comment practically every morning, and I do believe I'm the one to blame. You see, we wake up famished! Starving! Tummies rumbling! I've been like this my whole life and now I see that my poor little ones are on the path of waking to an immediate feeling of hunger.

Soooo...here it was, 6:30 am, and her belly hurt. "Oh, just climb in with mommy and I'll get you something to eat...Just five more minutes, please," I beg with my eye lids still shut, hoping she'll fall back to sleep and we both can make it closer to seven before leaving the snuggley warmth of my bed.

Ten seconds later, after successfully climbing into be with me...she vomited.

And proceeded to not eat anything other than breastmilk (which she promptly threw up as well) for the next four days...four days!!!

I took her to the doc's office...doc said to just give her some probiotics and give it a couple more days. "Whatever she has she's keeping to herself," is what the doc tosses out on her way back out the door.


Then, on the night of day four around 10pm - after not eating anything, nursing like mad, throwing that up, and oh I won't even get into what was coming out the other end - my little skin-n-bones, pale white little girl rises up and says quite sternly, "Daddy, get me pizza."

She stood patiently by the door until the delivery guy showed up...And then she ate.

And ate.

And ate.

And, within a day of pizza eating, her color came back and she was on the road to recovery! I'll admit that pizza isn't really all that nutritious and that chicken soup and rice or some other combination of healthy-for-ya foods would have been a better bet for my little two year old...but when they want pizza (and especially after what she had been through)...give them pizza!!!

So, least to say, it was the swine flu that has everyone crazy about, but it just had to happen at the same exact time as the breakout... Anyway, that was my weekend...

How was yours? ;)