Saturday, September 19, 2009

Got Down Time? Write!

I was just given a great gift today. I was sitting at my booth at the Green & Natural Living Expo today. Displayed in front of me, my wonderful mural and faux painting portfolio, waiting for some new like-minded customers. I haven't painted in a while. I need clients.

Only, no one came.

Why? Wine festivals... They took all the locals and non-locals who usually end up at the Expo. Bad timing, right? So, I had six hours to sit on my keester (yep, that's how you spell it ;)

After the first half hour flew by (ha!) I pulled out my trusty pen and pad o'paper and started to write. And write I did! I added two scenes to chapter one and added to the first conversation my MC has with her soon to be man ;)

Ah...I love love...

All in all, I can't feel my butt anymore, but I did get some real writing time, uninterrupted! Not exactly why I packed up all my business supplies and set up a booth at the Expo...but a good way to utilize the time nonetheless!