Monday, May 3, 2010

Write First, Worry Later...

There has been tons of talk lately in my little writing world about the woes of publishing. About how hard it is to get an agent to even talk to you, let alone find one that will think about reading your work. And I agree. There is much to worry about when it comes to getting your work published.

Yet...Why worry until you have to?

I mean, look at all the fun you are missing! Have you written your book yet? If not, write! If so, is it really ready, or do you still need to do edits? If so, edit, baby, edit. Why stop yourself short to worry your life's passion away?

Write, damn you, write! This is what I say to myself every now and then... ;)

There is this great Native American saying that goes like this... Don't worry until you have to worry. Do you know how freeing that is? To live, write, free from worry. I do it everyday and I love it.

And really, why bother with worrying anyway? It's such a waste of time. Think about it, yes. Do some research when you want to take a look-see, ok. But that's it. Nothing more than that. Don't get yourself all worked up until you have to. Period. Never know. You might get lucky your first go around. So why worry now?

If I hadn't stopped getting trapped by the worry bug, I would have never started to write. And if I never started to write, I wouldn't have a book to show for it now. Thankfully I did stop, and I did write, and I do have a book done!

So, if you're stuck in the worry mode, stop! Stop worrying away your days. Start writing. The only way to write a book is to...write a book! No magic wands here.

Don't worry until you have to. And who's to say that there will be any need for worry in the end anyway? For now, just write. Write first, worry later. Live free and write. Let this be your lesson for the day.