Monday, January 10, 2011

Back in the Swing of Things... Writing After a Break

Anyone else just now rising out of the ashes of this past holiday's chaotic-fun? All I have to say is, geeze laweeze (or however you spell it).... Every year I vow to not allow the holidays to derail me from my on going routine and goals. Yet, every year seems to still get away from me.

Now, I'm not altogether a total ba humbug. I'm not. (My husband says I am, but really, I'm not. Honest!) I do love all the added bliss, yummy food, good times, and great company. It's just, well, too much. And too long. Especially for the procrastinators....

Ah...there it is. Yes. I'm a fantastic procrastinator. Wait until the last minute and there's no way to keep your sanity or happiness about any changes in the regularly scheduled program. Hence, next year as part of my list of New Year Resolutions, I'm only going to do holiday planning, prep, and run around between the day after Thanksgiving and December 1st. If it's not done by December, it's not that important. That way I have a whole month of free days to, oh, cook some cookies for fun. Or put together a gingerbread house for fun. All decoration and letters and shopping will be done and out of the way.

My goal: to have fun without going nuts and getting stressed...

Which brings me to 'getting back into the swing of things'. The one major part of my everyday blissful life that gets put on the back burner during the holidays is my writing. Between work and kids and the house and everything else, too many to list, where does taking time for yourself come in? No where is what I've found. By the time you do find a moments rest, all you have energy for IS rest. And when you wake up, you feel like crap because you haven't done a darn thing for yourself in over a month. Yes, you've showered. Yes, you've brushed your teeth. However, those things aren't necessarily for you. You do have to venture into the outside world without making everyone around you run screaming from the horror.

What you haven't done is take time for you. To do what you want, like, need to do. Things that not only SAY you, but leave you feeling like, yes, I DO live inside my own skin! I DO have control over my life and what happens to me and how I feel about me and everything around me. For some people that might be any number of things. For me, that's writing.

Even writing this now, I feel stiff. Like the words aren't flowing like they normally do when I give myself the opportunity to write every day. This post so far, IMO, sucks. I just don't see my voice here at all. Yet. But give it time, I always say (well, actually, that was the first time I've said it, but hey. Gotta start somewhere...) So, give it time. Eventually you will see yourself again. Feel yourself again. Be yourself again.

And I feel it coming back now, like a slow rising sun. It is inevitable. It will come back. It just takes a break for the night. That break from your writing, whether self or else induced, is only temporary. The only way to get back to writing is easy. We all know it. Say it with me now: just write! You write more if you write. It's the most simple solution, some people can miss it.

There will always be that group of emerging writers who want to become brilliant writers, yet are still asking how to do it. How do I write better? How do I do it? Answer? Write! Not many things in life are so nicely packaged into one wonderful word, so take it and run blissfully into the sunset with it. If you want to write, as I really want to get back to my writing, the answer is simple (even though I've spent two paragraphs explaining it...) Write. Just write. Sit down. Write. Done ;)

And don't beat yourself up over needing to stretch a bit when you are getting back into the swing of writing after a break. Don't touch your most important work, however, until you're really back back. Start slow, just as with any exercise routine. Stretch, walk, jog a bit. Then run. You don't want to make a disaster of what you had done before your break. Write a blog post. Scribble in your journal. Do it everyday. Everyday without excuse. 200 words minimum. Sounds like a tiny bit, but this is only a stretching exercise. After about a week, or less, you'll be back in the swing of things. And in no time, back to writing 2500 words, 5000 words a day.

How blissful is that?

; )