Tuesday, January 1, 2013

20 Little Luminaries

20 Little Luminaries
by Lia Mack

In the darkest hour
In the darkest night
20 little luminaries
Fill up with light
20 little lives
So innocent, so sweet
20 little smiles
We wish we could greet

Although quiet as snowflakes
Glistening in the sun
40 little hands
Still hold onto the fun

That living gave them
All the love and the joy
That they enjoyed in their short time
All those 20 little girls and boys

And in the twilight
Feel their love near
As 20 little hearts
Hold you close and dear

Remembering the good times
Summer, Spring, Winter, Fall
That you gave to them wholeheartedly
Mommy and Daddy and all

And look at those 3
On the left and the right
Doing their best
To protect with all their might

On both sides of them now
Standing strong, standing tall
6 luminaries
For the adults who too did fall

Angels on Earth
To their rescue did come
To protect them and guide them
With life's wonderful love

Together they go
Together they stay
6 tall and 20 small
Toward Heaven's sweet rays

So stand close to your loved ones
On this cold winter night
3 tall, 20 small, 3 tall
Will you please light
And there they will glow
With life's fire light
As those 20 sweet little lives
Take heavenly flight

As you remember those you've loved and lost this year – 

especially the 26 lives taken away from us that unforgettable fall morning 12.14.12 –  
please light the night with your own luminary in their remembrance.