Sunday, September 1, 2013

Hello, I'm Lia Mack...

Hello and welcome to my beautiful blissfully beguiling B&B blog!

Sat that a few times fast ;)

I'm Lia Mack, host of my very own Writing Retreat and soon to be debut author. My novel Waiting for Paint to Dry will be coming out April 2015!

A born and raised military brat - Go Air Force! - I was born in Kansas, then moved to Michigan, Texas, Colorado, Italy, Maryland and now reside between Maryland and California with my hubby, two kids and three American Rat Terriers (Magothy, Marley and Maple.) I graduated with a degree in Psychology from University of Maryland Baltimore County (U Must B Crazy) and have a severe passion for real food. Good food. Local, organic, know-your-farmer-food.

In addition to my creative non-fiction being seen in such publications as The Washington Post, Nickelodeon Jr. Magazine, Advances in Bereavement Magazine and Nesting Magazine, I'm also a frequent guest blogger for Angela Shelton's Survivor Manual, a blog dedicated to inspiring and empowering sexual abuse survivors to lead joyful lives.

I am a down to earth, easy going, crunchy granola kind of gal who loves Love, enjoys running and a bunch of other things I'll keep for future blog posts (so this doesn't turn into too much of a rambling tangent)...

I am a writer after all. Long-windedness is my specialty...

Feel free to contact me anytime!

And thank you for stopping by. I hope you enjoy my tangented thoughts.