Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Introducing: The Writing Retreat at Lia Mack's Blissfully Begiuling B&B!

I'm excited to introduce the BB Writing Retreat series here at my B&B.

Yes, this is just a blog. No, you can't physically stay at the BB B&B. Yet...

BUT... you CAN attend a BB Writing Retreat all the same ;)

Here's how it works:

Writing retreats are all about finding a cozy, quiet space to write; getting together with other writers for comradery and an exchange of ideas; and also a place to meet guest authors and listen as they talk about all they love and hate of the craft of writing.

Then take all that new, wonderful information and momentum and start. Write that story, poem, novel that's been swimming inside of you, just waiting to get out.

A writing retreat is all about YOU getting some writing done after all ;)

All are welcome here at the BB B&B Writing Retreat. Aspiring writers. Closet writers. Published authors. Anyone who loves the craft of writing or is just getting acquainted with what that means. And loves to write.

And writes ;)
So, pull up a seat, help yourself to the tea and treats, and settle in for a wonderful meet and greet of some fine guest authors here on the BB B&B blog. 

Of course when the BB B&B is up and running (as in brick and mortar) these retreats will be in person, on the premise, as well as online. But I think, instead of waiting for that mortar to dry, let's start getting together now and write today.

That novel isn't going to write itself after all.