Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Blissfully Beguiling on a Tuesday Morning... Compost, Eggs and ADD...

This beautiful Tuesday morning started off with a huge disagreement between my son and I: who's compost was the best. Mine or his school's?

Yep, this is what we discuss at the Mack household ;)

Needless to say I stand my ground. My compost is the best! I tend to it everyday I have kitchen scraps to add to the pile, which is at least twice a week. And it gets plenty of sunlight and all natural rain. Some days I don't get to it even when I have a overflowing pile of kitchen scraps, but those days are the cold, rainy sort - or the hot humid summer sort - where I just don't want to walk all the way out to the back back of my backyard where my garden lies.

And boy, am I a wishful, hopeful backyard gardener. To say I'm a gardener while looking at my garden this year is a pretty big oxymoron. My garden is sadly nonexistent. Some years my garden starts strong and stays strong all throughout the summer. Some years it starts strong and ends up being overrun by weeds, like this summer. Other years it doesn't even start. But my compost.... My compost rocks.

Yep, my compost rocks ;)

After walking the dogs this morning, I took out my big pile of kitchen scraps out to my compost pile. I canned some sauerkraut and pickles yesterday to ferment over the next 3 days, so I had tons of cabbage scraps and whatnot to toss. While turning my compost I noticed I was standing amidst yet another volunteer squash vine! I've already harvested 3 huge beautiful Cinderella Pumpkins from the side yard volunteer vine, so as always I'm hopeful something will produce. Only the weather has turned a sharp shade of cold, so I don't think these blossoms will turn into anything but beautiful. But they are still pretty. And if my mom has her way, they'll be eaten - fried squash blossoms anyone?

Of course I did all this compost turning and garden lamenting after I started making eggs for breakfast... But what writer doesn't enjoy at least a small dose of ADD... ;)

Thankfully the eggs didn't fair all too badly. This is my usual go to breakfast - two eggs (free range, local, organic) fried in butter (grass-fed, local, organic). Why? Eggs are high in Omega3, which is anti-inflammatory, and your brain needs fat to function. Simple as that. Two eggs a day is the perfect way to start the day off in a healthy way - and it's easy - so that's why I do it.

I like ease with a purpose.