Saturday, October 12, 2013

#BBSaturdayNightReads - 10/12/13

Marilyn did it. You do it. And we all love it.

Reading ;)

Saturday Night Reads at the BB B&B are just that: reading books on Saturday night. And lots of them!

So get comfy. Pour a glass of your favorite cab or grab a beer. And read. Anything and everything you love to read.

Just read.

And win ;)

Post what you're reading here on this Saturday Night Reads blog posts and enter for a chance to win something fun. Each week will be something different, so make sure you enter every Saturday!

You can also enter to win by posting on Twitter with the hashtag #BBSaturdayNightReads or on Facebook. 

Simply comment on the blog post each Saturday with what you're reading:

Title, author, what chapter your can even tell us a bit about why you picked up the book in the first place and now why you can't seem to put it down!

Doors open at 8pm...Here's how it works:
  1. Comment on the BB Saturday Night Reads blog post, facebook or twitter (that Saturday) with the hashtag #BBSaturdayNightReads. You can comment once for the night OR every hour to increase your chances to win! One entry per, person per hour, thanks!

  2. In your blog comment, facebook post or twitter post, tell us what book you're reading - Title/Author - and a little bit about the book, story, characters, author, anything... What drew you to pick it up in the first place? What part are you at now? Is the writing good? Your favorite author? Does it suck? Are you hooked? Anything!
And maybe you'll win something ;)

This is, of course, in addition to the big win you'll already be enjoying by actually getting a chance to sit down and read.