Sunday, October 13, 2013

What to Write Next? When Characthers Get Demanding...

There's a war waging in my head. Characters I've dreamt up are battling it out for who gets to go first.

Sequel novel or the new idea novel?

I've got others in the wings, but it's these two that are more vocal. Maybe it's because last NaNoWriMo I started the sequel to Waiting for Paint to Dry, just to test the waters to see if it would be a viable idea.

And it was.

So now those characters are anxious to have their story told. But I've been busy researching a new idea for some time and the story builds in my mind every day, so it's a toss up which one I should do, as both are exciting endeavors. Although in total opposite ways.

So I asked a focus group - aka, my children - their opinion and they are split as well. The Hubby doesn't read women's fiction so he doesn't care either way. He'll vote when a story ends in tragedy only.

So I think I'll leave it up to NaNoWriMo again. I'll start both projects and see which one takes off on it's own. Because it's not really me who writes the story - it's the characters.

I feel I know who is going to win - the sequel novel characters - because they have momentum built not only from last year's NaNoWriMo adventure, but also since they were just being written about in Waiting for Paint to Dry. I've got the manuscript out in query mode, hoping for a bite, so they are active in my mind in many more ways than who gets to go first.

My new novel idea has it's own momentum, but I think it's okay to simmer a while longer. I've got some more research to do for that one and I don't want to rush it. The sequel doesn't need much research. It just needs to take off.


It seems I've made up my mind at long last ;) Only took a few weeks after finishing up my first novel Waiting for Paint to Dry.

Cool. Can't wait to get started on the sequel now! Wow, the excitement that comes from a just a second ago decision... The sequel continues the Bell sisters' saga. Title? Caught by the Sun. My daughter came up with that one when she was three. Cutest moment driving in the car ever.

"Mommy? You know what would be a good title? Caught by the Sun. Because look! We're caught by the sun!" I don't remember how the conversation started, but I'm glad she and I were talking. Neither of us knew what that title would end up being for, but ever since she said it, I've wanted to use it.

And so I am.

Caught by the Sun it is. Can't wait to get started!