Monday, November 18, 2013

Query Mistakes 101: Don't sugar coat it. TELL THE TRUTH.

During the month of November, I've got quite a many friend and family member who post everyday what they are thankful for. I too am no stranger to all the great things in life that I'm am greatful for. However today, there's one thing 'm more thankful for than anything else as it's helped me see the light...

Without failure, how would we ever know what we need to do to succeed? 

After all the rejections of my novel, I've realized - yet again - I'm not telling the truth. My novel is not quirky. It's not a humorous adventure. It's not even a love story. It's about a rape survivor's healing journey back from wanting the peace only death can bring.

"She said you'd do it."

Those words have haunted me and my main character for years...and it's about time I just BE HONEST and stop hiding behind the smile of forced humor. Stop trying to not make it hurt.

My novel, like my story, is painful before it becomes victorious.

So... I am thankful and grateful for my continuous failure. Without it, I'd never tell the truth, which is the ONLY way to get this novel in front of those girls and women out there that I want to hear this message: It's not your fault. You didn't ask for it. You can LIVE and SURVIVE and THRIVE even if you can never get the redemption and restitution you seek! Don't give up the fight. Don't let them win. You are WORTH joy and light and love.

SO. Back to the drawing board! Thank you failure. You are the best eye opener. And thank you, God, for giving me the chance to help others be strong. Please guide my pen once again...