Monday, September 8, 2014

10 Reasons to Self-Publish... by guest author Gale Deitch

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The summer is finally coming to an end...and what a summer it has been. 

Today at my BB Writing Retreat, I have invited Gale Deitch, author of A FINE FIX: A Trudie Fine Mystery Series. I met Gale in a writer's group years ago and I was so delighted to finally read her book A FINE FIX and see her character Trudie Fine - one of my all time favorite characters - come to life.  

I asked Gale to stop by today to talk with us about self-publishing and she had so many good things to share! So, with out further adieu, please welcome author Gale Deitch and her...

10 Reasons to Self-Publish

by guest Gale Deitch, author of A FINE FIX
When I decided to self-publish the first book in my cozy culinary mystery series, yes, there were some drawbacks I had to consider. My book would not be available in most book stores or libraries. Magazines and newspapers often review only books with a traditional publisher. I would have to pay all the publication costs including an editor, a cover designer and someone to do the interior formatting. I would have to do all of my own marketing. I would be facing many who would say, “Oh. You’re self-published.”

Despite all of these doubts, I did self-publish my first book, “A Fine Fix,” as I will with the entire Trudie Fine Mystery series.

I have been nothing but pleased with the outcome.

Here are 10 reasons to self-publish:

1.      Total control over your title and story. I had a vision for my series, and I didn’t want a publisher tampering with it or making major changes.

2.      Choose your own cover designer, cover art, and interior design. Typically, cozy mysteries have cartoon-like cover art. My cover is dramatic and anything but cartoon-like. I still had phenomenal sales by fans of this genre.

3.      Decide your own publication date. I didn’t have to wait a year or more, something very common with traditionally published books. They have to wait in a queue for their turn. When I was ready, I released my book.

4.      Choose the price points for your print and e-book. Publishers hike the retail book price to accommodate their own cut of the pie. These higher prices tend to slow sales.

5.      Purchase copies of your own book at a very low cost. Authors I know who have been traditionally published typically pay at least twice as much as I do to purchase their own book copies.

6.      Enjoy the marketing aspects of self-publishing. Soliciting reviews from bloggers, setting up book giveaways, increasing my social media network, and speaking at local book events all take time, but there are many opportunities out there, and I enjoyed each step forward. I have discovered that authors who have traditional publishers also have to do much of their own marketing anyway.

7.      It costs very little to self-publish. I didn’t use an editor, per se. My book had been through two critique groups, two times each, as well as several trusted beta readers. I traded services with another member of my novel group. I did some editing for her and she formatted my book interiors for my print and eBook. Publishing with Amazon, Create Space and Smashwords was virtually free. My only cost was for the cover art, but even that was surprisingly affordable. Also, there are many websites available with pre-designed covers that can be purchased for as little as $25 or $30.  

8.      It’s easy to self-publish. To be honest, I was scared, worried that the process would be much more than I could handle. I found that and Create Space as well as Smashwords walk you through the process step-by-step, and it wasn’t difficult at all.

9.      You don’t have to share your royalties with anyone. and Create Space take their cut off the top and I get the rest. If your book is priced at $2.99 or higher, print or eBook, you get 70% in royalties. And like clockwork, at the end of every month, my profits are deposited electronically into my bank account. I don’t have to share my royalties with an agent or publisher.

10.  You don’t have to share your royalties with anyone. This is so significant that I have listed it a second time.

Don’t miss “Fine Dining,” the second book in the Trudie Fine Mystery series, coming out this fall in time for the holidays!

Gale Deitch, author of A FINE FIX: A TRUDIE FINE MYSTERY