Monday, December 1, 2014

Top 3 Ways to Make the MOST of Your Blog Tour

I love having guest authors come to my B&B. We talk about books. We talk about writing. And sometimes they bring food ;)

Now, some of them stop by just because they like all of the above just as much as I do. But most stop by my little B&B as a stop along their new book's blog tour.

What's a blog tour?

A blog tour is a book tour you do at various blogs when your book is released. It is a marketing tool to increase your readership.

While at these blogs, you might do a guest post about your book, you might answer interview questions about you, the author of your new book, or you might post a guest post about any other interesting tidbits that connect you and your book to potential readers.

Because that's what the blog tour is all about: Getting the word out about your book and connecting with readers!

Since there are so many blogs out there and so many types ways to engage with readers, a blog tour is what you make of it. You can do the bare minimum - show up - or you can really make your tour work for you.

What I mean by that is - not all authors know what to do with a blog tour. They make their stops, they do their guest posts or interview, and that's it.

End of story.

Only, what these authors are forgetting is that a blog tour is an avalanche of FREE marketing opportunities, just waiting to happen!

And free is our favorite word, right? We're starving artists, right?

But don't fret. It's easy to make the MOST of your blog tour.

Top 3 Ways to Make the MOST of Your Blog Tour


Find blogs that fit your genre/brand and make an appointment to stop by (by contacting the blog owner and asking for a time slot close to or on your book's release date.) You don't want to stop at a blog about Werewolves when on tour about your Cookbook...unless, of course, your cookbook is all about what werewolves love to eat!

You get my point: women's fiction for women's fiction; mystery for mystery; and so on...

#2 - SHINE!

This is your time to shine.

Remember the guest post/interview/giveaway is all to sell YOUR BOOK. Period. So make sure the guest post you write helps to promote your book. Make sure the interview questions you answer helps engage readers enough that they want to look you up and buy your book.

On my B&B blog, I often let guest authors help direct the interview in a direction they need for their marketing purposes. I know what I like to ask, but that might not be best for this specific blog tour stop. You can always go back :)

So always ask if you can set your own interview questions so you can get the most bang for your blog stop.

Above all, be personal. Be honest. Be fun (if that's appropriate for your brand.) This is all about you and your book. Don't lose sight of that.


This is the MOST important aspect of your blog tour and yet is so often overlooked.

YOU need to share your blog interview/post/giveaway:

On your website.

In your newsletter.

On all of your social media outlets.

Do not rely on the blog owner to do all your marketing for you. They are not as invested in your success as you are. Yes, they will probably share the your guest post/interview/giveaway on all their social media outlets.

But REMEMBER...This is YOUR baby!

So share the links. Don't forget the power of free word of mouth :)

And REMEMBER#2... You are new to this. You're building your brand. You're building your readership.

So, make it work for you and your book!!